STG 032 : 5 Challenges For Beginning Guitar Teachers

STG podcast artwork 300x300 STG 032 : 5 Challenges For Beginning Guitar TeachersIn this episode, I’ll tell you about 5 challenges most beginning guitar teachers have to face. Starting your own teaching business isn’t always a bed of roses…but if you KNOW ABOUT the challenges ahead of time, you can PREPARE for them, OVERCOME them and be SUCCESSFUL. I’ll give you some great advice about how to do just that, and I’ll even share a basic marketing plan that will work for every new guitar teacher! There’s a ton of good information in here for ESTABLISHED guitar teachers, too.

PLUS, for STG All-Access members ONLY, I’ll give you 2 BONUS CHALLENGES that are related to MONEY and your MINDSET…two very important areas you need to focus on if you want to be successful!

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Items Mentioned In This Episode:

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Video Tutorial – How To Set Up Your Own Guitar Teaching Website In 30 Minutes or Less
Product – Email List Training Course
Link –
Free eBook – Teaching Guitar The SMART Way
Link – Music Teacher’s Helper (Use coupon code 3B007F – SAVE 20% off your first month)
STG 028 – Why 50% of New Guitar Teachers Fail
Link – Dave Ramsey
Link – QuickBooks
Link – Group Guitar Launch Formula
Article – The Biggest Lesson I Learned In 2011

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