STG 044: 7 Tips To Help Your Students Practice More Effectively

STG podcast artwork 300x300 STG 044: 7 Tips To Help Your Students Practice More EffectivelyPracticing effectively is the SECRET to becoming a better guitar player. If your students don’t practice, they won’t IMPROVE…and they probably won’t STAY with you for very long. If you want to succeed as a guitar teacher, you have to teach your students how to practice effectively.

In this episode, I’ll give you 7 tips to help your students practice more effectively, which in turn will help them get better results on the guitar. I’ll also tell you what DOESN’T work, and I’ll even throw in a few surprises for you…some things you may not know about what practicing can do for you as a guitar player! Finally, I’ll wrap things up with some cool free resources you can use to help your students practice more effectively.

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Items Mentioned In This Episode:

Link – Brett Manning’s Singing Success Course
Book – “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell
Book – “Guitar Zero” by Gary Marcus
Article – Why Music Makes You Happy
Link – Google Calendar
Article – Practicing Stinks – Pt. 1
Article – Practicing Stinks – Pt. 2
PDF Worksheet – Written Practice Schedule
PDF Worksheet – Overall Student Progress
PDF Worksheet – Musical Goals
PDF Worksheet – Speed/Technique Tracking

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