STG 046: 7 Ways You Can Succeed as a Guitar Teacher In the New Year

STG podcast artwork 300x300 STG 046: 7 Ways You Can Succeed as a Guitar Teacher In the New Year

The new year is already here, and it’s the PERFECT time to re-evaluate your teaching business and focus on a few areas that can bring you some strategic growth.

In this episode I’ll give you 7 specific areas you can focus on to grow your teaching business and be more successful in the coming new year. These are some of the best ways to get BIG RESULTS with the least amount of effort and expense. Even if you only take a couple of these suggestions and implement them over the next 12 months, you WILL see more success as a guitar teacher!

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Link - Group Guitar Launch Formula
Free eBook - “The Science of Getting Rich”
eBook - “The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords” by Perry Marshall
Link - Aweber (Email List Automation Service)
Link - Email List Training Course (Use Promo Code: 2013 for 20% discount)
Link - Email Autoresponder Series (Use Promo Code: 2013 for 20% discount)
Link - Student Retention Rate Calculator
Link - BNI (Business Networking International)
Link - GenBook (Online Scheduling Tool)
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